I coach current and retired knowledge workers on self-expression. I facilitate and speak with organizations on creativity, play, joy, heart-centered leadership, and difficult emotions.

In the Thriving Room podcast, I sample the clients, advisors, and collaborators who influence my work helping people to unleash who they are upon the world. My passion is to help high-achieving individuals refocus on being over doing. Our goal is to reclaim agency in creating meaning so that how you carry yourself through your days and hours is a loud, proud voice of who you really are. By hosting and celebrating the unconventional perspectives and backgrounds of guests in the podcast, I aim to challenge narrow ideas of how we can be, and to share evocative narratives that serve society’s collective well-being.

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To express is to thrive. We explore this idea through candid tales with humans who delight us.


HS Yang

Curious explorer. Self-Expression Coach at Hey Thrive Coaching, https://heythrive.webflow.io. Gratitude dealer. Speaker. Facilitator. Mental health advocate. Actress in training. Alumna of Harvard University and the Asian American Writers' Workshop.